March 15, 2010 alan

A Day To Remember + Architects – Live in Birmingham


Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the UK and the weather was glorious so we took the family down to the Cotswolds where we had dinner and enjoyed the spring sunshine. We were also down there to shoot an engagement session which I’ll be posting on the blog soon. It was a great day.

By complete contrast, the evening was spent with 3000 metal fans at Birmingham Academy where Florida’s A Day To Remember were playing. I was much more interested in the two support bands, Your Demise and Architects.

Unfortunately, I got there just too late to shoot Your Demise but they put on a great show. Architects were on great form and, although the lighting was tricky, I was pleased with the images I captured.

We only got to shoot the first two songs for each band so the pressure was on! Here are a few pictures from last night…

Firstly, Architects


A packed house at the Academy


and headliners, A Day To Remember


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Comments (3)

  1. Gary Marlowe

    Terrific shots Steve. I especially like the third one (sun glass T-shirt against red background) What settings did you use to get such a sharp image?

  2. steve

    Thanks Gary
    It’s partly down to the 35mm 1.4 lens which I love. The lighting was difficult so I had to wait for the light to fall where I needed it and then shoot fast! 🙂
    The image you mentioned was shot at 1/125 at f2.5 with the ISO up at 1250.

  3. Rob Taylor

    If you like these guys you’ll love Pierce the Veil who are playing at The Asylum, Birmingham on September 22nd 2012. Can’t wait!!

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