December 8, 2011 Steve Gerrard

A Day In The Lakes

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be up in the beautiful surroundings of the Lake District.

Windy, wet & cold, but still beautiful.

I was there to spend the day being inspired by supercool Mexican wedding photographer, Fer Juaristi. Fer was doing a workshop alongside the good people of Aspire and, as a huge fan of his work, I made the journey up the M6, not really knowing what to expect.

I believe you should never stop trying to further your photographic eduction. I love attending workshops by my favourite photographers and always come away enthused and inspired. And this workshop was one of the best I’ve attended by far! Fer is such a lovely guy (we ended the day chatting over a beer in a local pub) and some of the techniques and ideas he shared will change the way I shoot and edit my images. I can’t wait to shoot this weekend’s wedding and create photographs I’m excited about.

Huge thanks to Fer for being so open and friendly. Thanks to our models, who braved the winter weather like troopers, and hi fives to the rest of the photographers on the workshop. I was in very good company.

Here are a few photos I took on the day…

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  1. wow Steve!!! what can I say??? I’m not used to being on ‘this’ side of the camera, and generally dislike every photo taken of myself, but man have you done a wicked job.. we both love them all. Awesome 🙂 x

  2. Can’t have been as good as two days in Digbeth!……but love these pics and can’t wait to ‘spot the difference’ on the blog of next weekend’s wedding! My fave here is second from last …it’s stunning….love it!

  3. The shot with the logs looks almost as if there is a heart shaped light coming through one of the holes. It is just the added little touch to a great collection. The stump shot is also amazing. great great work.

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