July 14, 2007 alan


Spent the morning with Amy & Mark, our wedding couple from June 9th, showing them over 400 images from their wedding. Our aim is always to exceed expectations with our wedding photography and it was extremely gratifying to see their reactions to the photographs. Normally couples might order 30-50 images for their album. Amy & Mark have ordered 167!
Evelyne and I left their house 4 hours later feeling somewhat chuffed with ourselves.

This weekend is a bit of a treat for us both as we’re taking time off to spend with our good friend Laura on her 40th birthday. I met Laura when I was 14 and at the moment we’re couped up away from civilization in a hotel in South Wales where we can relax and forget about all things business related. Well… you’d think!
I’ve already had people asking if I can photograph them tomorrow plus one girl’s dream is to work as a wedding planner so she’s happy to chat to me all about weddings. I don’t mind at all though and I have to admit to leaving a few of our wedding brochures in the foyer of the hotel!

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