This was a good one!

Sarah-Jane & Costas = Super-nice peeps.

Priory Barn = A very cool venue.

Weather = Perfecto!

+ cool details + corn field across the road + lovely guests including one of our previous couples + freaky dancing.

= Mega!

Bob Owen came along for the ride.

8 responses to “Sarah-Jane & Costas – A Wedding at Priory Barn, Hertfordshire”

  1. very dope collection of images Mr Gerrard.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Great work as always Steve. It all looks so effortless, when I’m pretty sure it’s not!

  3. Lovely set of images.
    Realy good to see someone use negative space to good effect!

  4. Faye Ford says:

    Fab Dabby Dozy again !!! Beautiful

  5. matt brown says:

    Loving the spacehoppers! Great work as per usual Mr Gerrard.

  6. Tom E says:

    Wow dude… How did you do the second to bottom image with the light and them stood still?! Was that a fire fly or fairy or something?!

    Quality wedding photography man!

    Tom. X

  7. I think these are great-Nice work!

  8. Rob says:

    Steve love how you pick out detail in shots that other people would hide. Using the bridesmaid’s tattoos to lead you into the image is inspirational.

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