Last week I was lucky enough to arrange a bridal shoot at the amazing Warwick Castle.

I’m one of the castle’s recommended wedding photographers so when I asked the lovely Katie Hill at the castle about doing the shoot, she was more than helpful, even allowing us to shoot long after the public had to leave the venue.

On top of that we had help from top wedding suppliers for dresses and flowers…

*** Dresses from The Bridal Boutique in Warwick ***

*** Flowers from The Blossom Tree ***

Then we just needed some models.

I was looking for two girls who would bring completely different looks to the shoot. Steph, was the naturally pretty, English rose. And then there was Laura!

I’d always wanted to shoot a girl in a wedding dress who was heavily tattooed, with a cool, edgy look and when my friend Matt suggested Laura, I knew we had our girl.

So, Part 1 of the shoot features Laura. I’ll post Steph’s pictures tomorrow…




Big thanks to Laura for working it, everyone at Warwick Castle, especially Katie, Kerry from The Blossom Tree and Loraine at the Bridal Boutique. Also, massive thanks to Anna for assisting me on the day :)

Part 2 – Steph – up here tomorrow…

7 responses to “Warwick Castle Bridal Shoot – Part 1 – Laura”

  1. Claire says:

    I’d marry Laura right now – she’s gorgeous! Fantastic, fun pictures too. Everything looks amazing. I love how the atmosphere of these goes from romantic to funny to cheeky to dramatic – think the shots with the ivy vines(?) are my favourites. Wow.

  2. Sean Gannon says:


    A great collection. If Laura ever does get married, I will shoot it for free!


  3. Love love love it!! Soooo awesome :) I wonder where this will be featuring hehehe!! xxx

  4. James says:

    Awesome shoot – looks like a blast. Love it.

  5. Wayne Fox says:

    Haha I am Lala for the Gaga ;o)

    Flippin’ love her “devil horns” on the sword/stone photo!

    F**king lovely mate.

  6. Gobi says:

    What an awesome idea and what an end result!

  7. Hey Steve , love this shoot, if you are ever doing one like again, keep us in Mind…lovin the tattoos!

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