I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Canlas‘ photography for a while now.

He shoots 100% film and is well known in the photography world for his Film Is Not Dead workshops.

So when Evelyne & I were asked to model for Jonathan’s recent workshop in London, we jumped at the chance to spend some time on the other side of the camera for a change.

All these photos were taken by Jonathan. I was a fan of his photography. Now I’m a fan of the person too. Top bloke!

4 responses to “The Other Side Of The Camera”

  1. Aaaaaaaaaah!!…………all great, especially the close-up of Evelyne leaning on your shoulder!

  2. ed peers says:

    Superb photos for a superb couple. Superb.

  3. Lisa Devlin says:

    These are gorgeous, really cute and I love Evelyne’s dress.

  4. rhiannon says:

    Gorgeous!! Evelyne’s eyes are stunning!! Must be strange being in front of the camera…you’re both clearly naturals!

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