After the last post my mom complained there were no photos taken in the snow. We’ll rectify that right here, right now!

Evelyne and I first met in the snowy town of Chamonix but we haven’t experienced much snow since. Although Isaac is still a little young to enjoy the white stuff, Elliott LOVES the snow. He obviously has some Montreal blood in those veins!

Temperatures were around -16 when some of these were being taken so Elliott is thoroughly wrapped up but I promise he’s in there somewhere :)


Evelyne taught Elliott how to make snow angels :)


Back indoors and Elliott decided he quite liked playing with the Canon S90 camera I got for Evelyne for Christmas :) (A great point & shoot camera by the way).


Maybe we have another photographer in the family :)

2 responses to “The Gerrards in Montreal cont…”

  1. mark says:

    Ok no more pictures making us all jealous other wise i’m posting some of a frosty Birmingham park on a cold wet and grey miserable day.

  2. Wayne Fox says:

    Loving the snowangel composition.

    As for the PowerShot thief, he’s got taste! :o)

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