Occasionally I get asked to shoot corporate headshots. I usually say no as it’s a little dull and not really my style.

On this occasion I was free and the shoot was local so I decided to say yes.

Little did I know that Syd Ewart is not exactly your typical suit-sat-behind-a-big-desk kinda guy. In fact he’s an accomplished musician and songwriter who just happens to have a “proper job” on the side. He needed some simple headshots to show one side of his personality but gave me free reign to do something a little more interesting too.

Check out his studio of old school synths, toys and a lot of wires!

A great shoot with a very cool guy.

5 responses to “Syd Ewart – Portrait Shoot”

  1. Cloggins says:

    I really really really like that first image in the mirror. Looks like it’s a framed portrait on the wall. Brilliant!

  2. Love the mirror shot too – they’re all great!

  3. Fanni says:

    love love love the first image and the one with all the wires around his neck! Pure class! x

  4. James Crockford says:

    Love the second to last one. Is that a conscious reference to Walter Carlos’s classic synth album Switched On Bach…?

  5. Christiane Andreu says:

    Beautiful images of a dear friend I have lost contact with….
    Would you be so kind to give him my email address
    Kind regards

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