Stacy & Pat’s wedding is going to be epic. I already know that.

Not only do they have a venue which pretty much guarantees I can create the kind of images I love but they’ll also have two of our previous wedding couples as guests on the day. On top of that, they’re a super-cool, easy going couple themselves and, as i found out on their engagement shoot in London recently, they look great together in front of my camera.

The wedding’s in August. Can’t wait!

8 responses to “Stacy & Pat – London Engagement Shoot”

  1. Alex says:

    Wow, these are soooo good! I have too many favourites to mention but I totally love your use of location, composition and how natural and relaxed they seem in front of the camera. (Plus, what a gorgeous couple!) Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Steph Oakes says:

    Love, love, love…what a gorgeous couple to boot. x

  3. Paul Meachen says:

    Inspirational stuff. Fantastic shoot and location. I love the variety of the images. Where abouts in London were you?

  4. Love the way you make locations work – fantastic, as always!

  5. Laurie Bold says:

    That’s my sister and future brother-in-law!!! Absolutely gorgeous. So glad Steve’s doing the photos as he did my best friends wedding last November and the photos were amazing.

  6. Matt says:

    Love this shoot, super cool location and stylish photos

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