So if you don’t know by now, we added a new option for our wedding coverage… The Fun Booth.

This is not a place for pretty pictures. This is not a “stand there and smile” situation. This is the place to have F.U.N. and bring the crazy.

For Sarah & Tim’s ACE wedding, we set up the booth for about an hour during the evening reception and spread the word that we wanted everyone to come and visit us for a little bit of madness. Anna & I wondered whether people would really be up for having fun and getting into the spirit of the occasion. We needn’t have worried. Sarah & Tim’s guests set the bar so high (or should that be low?!) that future Fun Booths have a lot to live up to.

Prepare yourself!


I did warn you!

Hmmm… who’s this gansta?


Thanks to Sarah & Tim and all their guests for being such amazing sports.

If you like the idea of having The Fun Booth at your wedding make sure you let us know.

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  1. Sarah T says:

    Brilliant! Such a fun idea :)

  2. […] now you will have seen their Fun Booth pictures which prove what a great group of friends and relatives they have, so here are a few (actually more […]

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