Paramore are great to photograph.

Good lighting, loads of energy and a girl called Hayley who’s not too bad looking :)

I shot them at Birmingham’s LG Arena for Birmingham Live! You can see a review HERE

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  1. Gary Marlowe says:

    Great shots, Steve (as always!) I especially like the second one of Hayley – she has great hair to photograph – and the angled shot of the bass player.

    Out of interest, what were your camera settings for that one?

    Also, do you know what the significance is of the ‘146’ label?


  2. steve says:

    Thanks Gary. I hadn’t even noticed the 146 thing. No idea what that’s about.

    The bass player shot was taken on my 35mm 1.4 at f5. 1/400s at 800 ISO.

  3. Lee Allen says:

    The 146 tag is because of this charity:

    nice work Mr G

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