Being a music photographer in Birmingham means that I get to shoot bands on a regular basis and it’s a part of my job which I absolutely love (actually I love most parts of my job). Occasionally I do get to photograph bands which could be seen as iconic and, when I do, it’s an honour to add them to my portfolio.


Oasis are undoubtedly one of the most influential British bands of recent times so I was pleased to be one of only four photographers who got to shoot their gig at Birmingham NIA last night.


The atmosphere inside the venue was intense! Oasis fans are passionate about their heroes and many had indulged in a few light ales before the show and were in high spirits as Liam, Noel and the boys hit the stage. I got to shoot songs 2, 3 and 4 and came home with some great images, including one of Liam giving me his trademark snarl. Mad fer it!



3 responses to “Oasis in Birmingham”

  1. Tony H. says:

    That shot of Liam’s a keeper!! Great work, crap band…


  2. Lucy Onions says:

    As always, the photo’s are spectacular. I love the one with the tambourine! Keep it up Steve; you’re ace!

  3. Justin Bond says:

    Dude – great pics as ever!

    Can I get a few prints pls?

    Would love to frame em and put up in the house.

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