In 1987 I discovered Jane’s Addiction’s first live album down at my local record store in Chester. I remember saving my money to get their “Nothing’s Shocking” album on the day it was released. Not long afterwards I caught two of their gigs on their first UK tour in 1988, one in Manchester, the second in Birmingham. A couple of years later Nine Inch Nails’ “Pretty Hate Machine” album changed my life. I saw them open for Guns n Roses at Wembley and then, a couple of months later, watched them destroy Goldwyns in Birmingham in front of around 400 people. I went home that night with Trent Reznor’s smashed up keyboard!

I’ve been a huge fans of both these bands ever since.

On Tuesday night I was back in Manchester to photograph both bands on the same bill at the MEN Arena. I knew it’s be a great gig but both bands exceeded my expectations and it’ll go down as one of my favourite ever concerts. Unfortunately I may never get to see either band again… We’ll see…

Here are a few images from the gig of the year…

Jane’s Addiction

The return of Eric Avery

Dave Navarro is in there somewhere :)

Nine Inch Nails


Closer… :)

5 responses to “Nine Inch Nails + Jane's Addiction – Live!”

  1. Karl Randay says:

    Amazing series, looks like the gig to end all gigs. Great work Steve!

  2. These are all about atmosphere! Fantastic! The lighting’s really great too – Have been looking out for Purdeep and Ben’s wedding…….hope the weather wasn’t as horrendous for you, as it was for me in Plymouth!

  3. Claire Merrick says:

    Hey, just letting you know your photos for NIN and Janes are amazing. I was at the gig And you’re right best gig of the year.

  4. Tony says:

    Great photos. AGAIN! =)

  5. julie bancroft says:

    Hi, I was at this gig too, IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

    You were so lucky to be in a position to get these shots, my photos are from so far away, but the memory preserved all the same.

    thanks for sharing these.


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