Whether you’re a complete beginner who’s never shot a gig or if you’re just interested in learning a bit about how I work, we hope to see you at our studio in Birmingham on 14th October.

Here are the details…


Sunday 14th October 2012 – 10am until 6pm


Our studio at The Custard Factory in Birmingham.

How much?

£100 + VAT – Places are limited to 15 people

What will be covered?

All of this!!
The Easy Way To Becoming a Music Photographer.
Passes and How To get Them.
Venues. From pubs to stadiums to festivals.
Professionalism & Etiquette.
The Business of Music Photography.
Shooting Offstage.
Band portraits.
Lighting. How I use natural light, off camera flash and simple, portable lighting set-ups.
Live shoot. We’ll be shooting a real band on the urban backstreets of Birmingham and showing how to get a varied and creative set of images in a short space of time.
Post-production. I’ll download and edit some of the shots from the band shoot and show how I bring the images to life.

13 responses to “Music Photography Workshop – 2012”

  1. Ana says:

    For some reason I can’t get the Paypal link to work; it just takes me to the paypal homepage rather than a payment window. Can I have your email address please so I can send the money that way – or perhaps you could invoice my email? Very excited! Thanks.

  2. Ana says:

    Done! Thanks very much, roll on October!

  3. Neil Bennett says:

    I’ve just notice you have 2 dates on this blog 12th October and the 14th October, it is definitely the 14th?

  4. Steve,

    Yeah, confirmation of the date please as this is just the course I need, but I can’t make 14th as its the wife’s birthday!

    Please let it be 12th!!!

  5. Neil Bennett says:

    Thank you Steve, paid and can’t wait for the course

  6. Shame – can you please let me know if you run another one of these courses. Gutted to miss out this time round….. Cheers. Hope everybody enjoys this one and gets loads out of it. See you next time round!

  7. Reg Richardson says:

    So tempting, can I afford 120 quid, that is the question!?

  8. Reg Richardson says:

    Yes I can it seems (according to Mrs Reg), so, count me in please Steve.

  9. Steve – any places left? The wife has agreed a compromise with me so I can come!! Cheers

  10. Mick says:

    Hi Steve

    I’m interested in music, sport and wedding workshops, can you send an update to my email when you are running any workshops in these areas

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