This is the day the monkeys at Trentham Gardens Monkey Forest came face to face with our two little monkeys, Elliott & Isaac.

Monkey Forest is a great little place near Stoke where 140 Barbary Macaque monkeys live in total freedom. As you can see here, they can wander around freely and live in large family groupsrather than being split up and shoved in a caged area.

Elliott’s such a little poser! :)

A meeting of minds…

Beautiful :)

My favourite wild creatures

Baby monkey

LOVE this photo of Elliott

Super Martian Robot Girl! YEAH!

Isaac tries the local produce

One last shot taken by one of the monkeys..

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  1. Great family pics…….and you’re all so photogenic! Particularly love the black and whites – no. 15 is my fave! Rosie

  2. Wayne Fox says:

    Hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

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