It’s unusual for us to meet a couple for the first time the day before their wedding.

It’s even more unusual for us shoot an engagement session less than 24 hours before they get married.

Karen & Scot met me in the very same pub that Evelyne worked years before I married her, and we headed out into the rainy streets of Edinburgh to create some photos ahead of their wedding at Orocco Pier.

My good pal, Lee Allen, was along to carry the umbrellas!

2 responses to “Karen & Scot – An Edinburgh Engagement”

  1. Zoe says:

    oooh – LOVE how you have captured this – and the fine city of Edinburgh – totally got the essence of it right there! Faberooonie Steve!

  2. Isabel Eadie says:

    Great Work, as always Steve, Thank You Very Much x

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