On Monday night I was up in Manchester to shoot metal bands In Flames and Gojira. I’m a massive Gojira fan so it was a pleasure to meet the guys from the band and I’m pleased to report they’re super-nice. Guitarist Christian even gave me a free Gojira shirt. The band took a few minutes for me to take some portraits of them. Here are some of my favourites…


I’m not such a big fan of In Flames but they were also great guys to hang out with and sorted me out with some beers. We also got some great photos of them before the gig..


This afternoon I’m off to Nottingham to meet with underground Legends, The Melvins. I’ll post photos here asap..

4 responses to “In Flames & Gojira in Manchester”

  1. Tony says:

    Nice! I expect all your photography to be of this quality…

  2. Amanda Jones says:

    The new website looks great Mr Gerrard – I have played with the tiltviewer in the photography section and it is amazing!

    Amanda :) x

  3. Amanda Jones says:

    Whoops I meant wedding section – never mind – doh!!

  4. kate says:

    Great promo pics! was good to see you there :)
    That tilting menu thing is well fun!

    kate x

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