Last night was fun. I was working in the studio before driving about 60 seconds around the corner to the HMV Institute where the super-cool Imelda May was playing to a packed house.

Imelda’s a great person to photograph as she has such a strong image and she’s very charismatic.

I couldn’t stay for the gig however as I had to get over to the Academy to photograph the fantastic Funeral Party. Those pics here soon, but first, here’s Imelda :)

Imelda asked the photographers if they got a photo of her shoes… I did!

5 responses to “Imelda May @ Birmingham's HMV Institute”

  1. Sara says:

    Particularly love that first black and white one!

  2. The first black and white is really great – love it!

  3. Loove the first black and white one!! (and this is even before I saw the other comments in your blog) 😉

    I love Imelda May!! Great stuff :)

  4. Great work! That black and white photos look so fantastic! very professional! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wayne Fox says:

    Oh lovely stuff Steve! :o)

    Here’s mine:

    You missed a great show, but I am sure Funeral Party were special, too
    Thanks again.

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