Helen & Andy’s wedding could easily win the Wedding Of the Year Award!

Every single detail had been beautifully planned and they really stamped their own personalities all over the day with personal touches, original details and a brilliant flashmob dance routine immediately after their first dance.

The ceremony was held at Holy Trinity Parish Church, Ashford in the Water before everyone headed to the magnificent Hassop Hall, where, earlier in the day, we bumped into Jarvis Cocker!

A truly brilliant wedding which ended with a rockin’ party. Loved it!

Thanks to the hairy yet handsome Lee Allen for assisting me on the day.

Thanks a lot to Helen & Andy for inviting us to capture such a spectacular wedding. Cheers guys!

Helen & Andy had one of my favourite videographers cover their wedding – the brilliant Jeff Wood.

Check out Jeff’s preview clip below..

13 responses to “Helen & Andy – A Wedding at Hassop Hall, Derbyshire”

  1. Just love the shots, great Inspiration and mood,many natural ones, wish I could get to do a wedding such as this



  2. Becky Male says:

    Fantastic photographs, love all the thought Helen had put into the tiny details, looks a brilliant wedding. Video made me well up!

  3. Jen O says:

    Fantastic as always ! :)

  4. Eva says:

    And the top photo could easily be the wedding photo of the year!
    Amazing wedding, must have been a pure pleasure to photograph

  5. Beautiful photos, beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful decor, beautiful venue, beautiful post-processing (loving the colors), beautiful composition–everything is beautiful! Your work is amazing and greetings from Florida!

  6. Rob says:

    Lovely natural photographs. Fantastic work. Looked like a real fun wedding

  7. Emma says:

    That is an awesome wedding. Loving the group shots and the video made me cry, always onto a winner if tears appear!

  8. Ian Dunn says:

    Stunning photos yet again.

  9. […] wedding at Hassop Hall, photographed by Steve Gerrard […]

  10. Wayne Fox says:

    Jeff, Lee, Steve, Andy and of course Helen, wow.

  11. Paul Donovan says:

    A stunning set of images Steve. I particularly like the party shots.

  12. Helen says:

    The BEST wedding photos I have ever seen! IF (Not likely) I ever get married, I want the wedding and photos to be just like this. You have captured the emotions and fun superbly! I loved looking through the album…’Mia Mia’ as we say in Luxor (100%)

  13. Mikel says:

    Great pictures! What band/DJ was used in the wedding? It seems like every one had a lot of fun!!

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