Great news!!!!
Evelyne had her resident visa approved so she can stay in the UK and work (if she wants to!). It’s a relief and means she can come home next week without any problems. Phew! I’m already missing her a lot but at least now I know I will definitely be seeing her next week.

Yesterday battled the “4 seasons in one day” British weather and did a photo shoot for a band called Planetman (featuring a couple of good fiends of mine) prior to their gig at the Roadhouse. Luckily the weather took a break from the snow and hail and we got some great shots.
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I then stuck around to shoot the gig, staying on to shoot headliners Fade To Sepia who I’d done some press shots for a while back. It was a good gig even though it was full of kids. Still, keeps them off the street eh?

Wasted a bit of time today creating my own Fantasy Festival…
Come to my Fantasy Festival
Or create your own

I’d add another hundred bands if I could really. Still, it looks like I might actually get a chance to see Led Zep next year as rumour has it they’re reforming for a world tour. It’ll be a dream come true if I get to shoot one of those gigs!

Night off tonight. First in over a week. Looking forward to crashing in front of the TV and watching a few episodes of Rescue Me…

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