It’s always an honour to be accredited to shoot bands that deserve the title “legendary”.

Fleetwood Mac have been around in one form or another for 42 years and their album, Rumours, is the tenth best selling album of all time! Last week they played Birmingham and, despite having to photograph them from half way back in the arena, it was a pleasure to witness them on a stage.

Here are a few pictures from my restricted spot 200 meters from the stage..

5 responses to “Fleetwood Mac – Live In Birmingham”

  1. marie gc says:

    love these!! great atmosphere!!

  2. PT says:

    Really nice shots! You caught some great moments… Thanks for capturing this great band!

  3. Wayne Fox says:

    Boy did well from that distance!

  4. katie kia says:

    great shots there can i come round to the concert?

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