Ok, confession time… Sometimes we’re so busy that the occasional wedding goes unblogged. This was one of them.

We shot Faye & Warrick’s wedding in May 2009. Since then they’ve had a beautiful album and, more importantly, a gorgeous baby girl called Lyra. We’re just waiting for the call to photograph the baby now :)

This was one of our favourite weddings of 2009 too. A great couple in a fantastic venue – Kilworth House. The weather was glorious and we had a really fun day with the couple and their guests.

So, let’s get some pictures up finally…!


So cool to see Faye’s parents still all loved-up :)


And her Grandad gave one of the sweetest and most emotional speeches we’ve heard, telling Faye how proud he is of her and presenting her with an album of photographs.


One of my fave groomsmen shots…


Things got a little more relaxed later :)


And Faye’s Dad looked like he was enjoying himself too….


So I have to say congrats on the wedding and congrats on the baby. And sorry I didn’t get this on the blog sooner! Cheers guys.


4 responses to “Faye & Warrick – A Wedding at Kilworth House Hotel”

  1. Wayne Fox says:

    Ah ha! I did wonder about this one, I’d seen a few of these shots in a montage that you have. Love the emotion and especially the tears around Grandad’s photo album. Sweet.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lee Allen says:

    omg I forgot about this wedding!! that reception was MESSY;)

    Congrats on the baby guys your wedding was lots of fun.

  3. Warrick Howard says:

    About bloody time!


  4. I adore Kilworth House and these images are fabulous as always Steve!

    Love their butterfly cake wrappers!

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