5 responses to “Claire & John”

  1. Awesome, dope, aces, smashing, great etc…… :)

  2. Pamela Kilbey says:

    Beautiful photographs of a beautiful couple! Captures the love and the sense of fun so well.

  3. Claire Kilbey says:

    Love the one on the kerb – you’d never guess I’m chortling at Steve nearly being run over by a big 4 by 4 that wanted to park! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos in a few weeks, hope some of my lunging was captured in those too! Thanks Steve for some great photos and totally putting us at our ease.

  4. Steve Kilbey says:

    Wow! Stunning shots that make the beauty of Claire and John’s love really stand out. Some humourous backgrounds too.

  5. Paul says:

    These guys were the coolest to photograph on their wedding day. You look awesome Claire and Jon. I am pretty sure lunging will be in the wedding photographs somewhere as there was a lot going on. lol

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