What do you do if you want the best New Year’s Eve ever?!

How about this….

1. Set up a huge tipi in your back garden.

2. Decorate the tipi with the coolest stuff you can find.

3. Invite all your friends and family over.

4. Get a few bands to play.

5. Maybe hire some fire dancers.

6. Have a small kid sing Wonderwall perfectly (yep!)

7. Have a party that people will remember for years to come.

And while you’re at it, you may as well get married, eh?

Carly & Jay’s wedding ROCKED!

Thanks to Carly & Jay for trusting me to document this epic party…. I mean.. errr… wedding!

More like this please!

Watch Carly & Jay’s slideshow HERE

14 responses to “Carly & Jay – A New Year's Eve Wedding”

  1. Stunning set Steve, looks like it was an amazing day and quite possibly one of the best looking couples I’ve ever seen.

  2. Jo Hastings says:

    Stunning set of images Steve, super cool as always.

  3. Holy crap that looks like an absolutely amazing wedding. Love the little kid. And the sparkles. Gorgeous images, mister. x

  4. Rebecca McDonald says:

    And that is why i chose your workshop! Totally amazing. xxx

  5. Jen O'Neill says:

    Awesome photos what a cool couple :)

  6. Love those riotous dancefloor shots.

  7. Wayne Fox says:

    You missed one thing from your list Steve, “Film star good looking couple.” Wow!

  8. Stunning photographs of an equally stunning wedding. Everyone is so attractive in this wedding party!

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  10. What a ruddy gorgeous wedding Steve! You nailed it yet again! I adore Carly’s glamorous style. And her very red lipstick. Woman after my own heart 😉 X

  11. Funky Photographers says:

    THIS BRIDE IS SOOOOOO beautiful! Love this collection x

  12. Matthew Long says:

    This is a bit special Steve

  13. love the idea, great images Steve!

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