Every now and then it’s good to seek inspiration from photographers we admire and go and get learned.

Recently I attended two one-day workshops with photographers Brett Harkness and Damien Lovegrove. Both were great and gave me some new ideas on creative ways to use flash on location.

Here are a few images I came back with…

Firstly, from Brett’s workshop.


and a few from the day with Damien (including the image at the top of this post)…


Big thanks to Brett, Kristie and Damien for their generous sharing of knowledge. Both workshops were great fun and totally inspiring.

6 responses to “Brett Harkness & Damien Lovegrove Courses”

  1. Ian Dunn says:

    Totally STUNNING photography.

  2. Wayne Fox says:

    Blimey, can’t’ve been cheap; certainly worth it though by all accounts!

    10/10 *gold star*

  3. Awesome photos Steve, certainly looks like a great time spent training with two of the top guys in the industry.

  4. Lee Allen says:

    great pictures….BUT which is the better course?

  5. Damien loves his textures doesn’t he! Great pics indeed…….but which was the better course?

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