Becky & Gary’s wedding takes place at the amazing Hampton Manor next month.

It’ll be our last wedding of 2011. I have a feeling it may also be one of the best…

9 responses to “Becky & Gary – A Stratford Engagement Session”

  1. Kelly says:

    Stunning! They look like models!

  2. Chloe says:

    Hi wow these photos are amazing, can you tell me where that building is where the graffiti wall is? It’s so beautiful!

  3. Annetta (Gary's Mum) says:

    You look lovely and so happy together

  4. Jane (Aunty) says:

    Fantastic photo’s! Gary and Becky look so lovely and we can’t wait for the wedding….

  5. Ayshea ^_^ says:

    Awwwh ^_^ You cuties (:
    you are both so lovely and I’m looking forward to your wedding. 😀

  6. Great work Steve, love the graffiti shot with the boys walking past!

  7. Jool's says:

    Gorgeous photo’s U2 xxx

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