This was a gig I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced months ago.

I’m a big fan of Architects and even had one of my portrait shots of them used as a poster in Kerrang! magazine. They’re really nice guys and a whirlwind of energy on stage. But the main reason I was excited for the show was actually their main support band…

Ever since I saw Norma Jean play in Birmingham on their last tour I’ve been a HUGE fan. On record they’re amazing. Live they’re absolutely IMMENSE!

And they never let me down this time. I could watch them every night!

First up were two more fine bands… Lower Than Atlantis and Devil Sold His Soul..

And then…. the ALMIGHTY Norma Jean…

and finally… Architects…

3 responses to “Architects + Norma Jean & guests – Birmingham Academy 2”

  1. Dave Musson says:

    Yes! Awesome work Steve, from an awesome show! I must get mine online soon too m/

  2. Wayne Fox says:

    I really need to know the magic words to make the O2 guys turn a blind eye to my flash. These look ace! Let me know your magic word l please :o)

  3. […] from the A-MA-ZING Norma Jean. I’ve never heard or seen Norma Jean, but my friend and fellow photographer Steve Gerrard has bigged them up for some time, which got me interested. The fact that it was Steve who also […]

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