As photographers we regularly get to tell other people’s stories. It’s something I think I’m pretty good at.
Occasionally, we get to tell stories of our own.

Tuesday 27th July 2010 began like any other day.
But it ended extraordinarily.

World meet Jonas :)

Jonas was born at 21:50 on Tuesday 27th July, exactly a month early! He was born around 35 minutes after Evelyne & I arrived at the hospital!!! He weighed 6lb 6oz. He’s perfect.

27 responses to “A Brand New Story…”

  1. Lee Allen says:

    Nice pictures Steve and congrats once again….

    Cant help but think a certain Weezer song would have made a great soundtrack:)


  2. Jonas!!! Welcome to the world!
    You have one of the loveliest families I know and your Daddy has just made me cry lots of happy tears watching your first slide show!

    Can’t wait to meet you soon.

    Big hugs all round xxxxx

  3. Gill Taylor says:

    Absolutely beautiful … what a gorgeous family :)

    Congratulations to you all !!

    Gill x

  4. WOW! and erm… WOW. Personally i’d say they were some of your best pictures yet. What a wonderful way to document Jonas’ entry into the world.
    How you were able to take them with all that going on i have no idea, how you got your wife not to punch you whilst taking pics of her in labour is even more of a talent :o)

    Congratulations to you Both, you’re family is just beautiful.
    Caz. xxxx

  5. Anna Hardy says:

    Oh how absolutely wonderful!!! Such beautiful photos and such a lovely family, congratulations! And how Evelyne still manages to look so gorgeous during labour is something I just don’t understand! So happy for you all, and great name! Looking forward to seeing you all soon, Anna xxx

  6. Joanna says:

    Moved me to tears… amazing ~ congratulations.x

  7. véronique & jean louis lemieugre says:

    Congratulations for beautiful baby.
    Lola has now three friends !
    It’s a very beautiful family.

    Mr & Mrs J.louis & Véronique lemieugre.

  8. Ross says:

    Awesome news, congrats dude

  9. Lou says:

    Steve that was bar far your best blog post of the year! I’m sat here all teared up – so beautiful! Congratulations to you all and welcome to the world Jonas!! :-) x x x

  10. Congratulations Steve and welcome to the world Jonas! Hope everything’s going well!

  11. Wayne Fox says:

    Team Gerrard looks amazing!

  12. Phew! What stunning pics!……capturing all the emotion, love and wonderment…..such proud big brothers too! Heaps of congratulations to you all and a big welcome to Jonas….great name!

  13. Gareth says:

    Huge congratulations to you and the family. You must all be well chuffed.
    Hope everyone is doing well.

  14. Ben & kim says:

    Wow nothing like a speedy service. You all look so happy. Massive congraulations to u all. Love ben & kim

  15. Jess S says:

    He’s beautiful! Welcome Jonas! Congratulations to you all x

  16. Gill Evans says:

    Congratulations Evelyne and Steve.
    Such beautiful, beautiful photographs! Best wishes to you both and to your gorgeous little boys.

    Gill (Claire Evans Mum)

  17. Annabel says:

    What a beautiful video Steve – as someone expecting in the not too distant future, this got all my maternal love flowing tonight! What a beautiful family you have and what a gorgeous little baby boy. I hope Evelyne is well and that you are all enjoying these first very precious few days with your gorgeous boys….
    Annabel xXx

  18. Guy Collier says:

    Fantastic news Steve. Huge congrats to you all from us.

  19. Emma Case says:

    You told that story perfectly.

  20. Awsome Pics Steve, Congratulations, and impressively not able to stop being a photographer for 1 hour!

    Love the pics of the older two peering into the cot!

    Best Wishes to the whole family!

  21. Simply beautiful – congratulations! x

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Steve,
    Big Congratulations! What an amazing story, love the pictures! I do hope that you managed to stop photographing for a few words of encouragement along the way!!
    Love to Evelyne and the boys – all three of them!!
    Karen x
    (P.S. Finlay was also exactly a month early – 6 days after the wedding in Newquay. A bit of a shock!)

  23. Lisa Gault says:

    Welcome little Jonas!

    A beautiful wee family, Congratulations guys.
    The video made me cry Steve, but I’ll let you off with it. :-)

    Love and hugs to all,

    Lisa (& Rowland) xxx

  24. Glen Burn says:

    Congratulations to you all !!!
    The photos capture the emotions as always in true Steve style.
    In years to come these will bring it all back to you.
    Treasure these early years they go so quick !

  25. Steve and family congrats!! What a wonderfull time to capture forever. Made me cry my eyes out, what a beautifull family. Enjoy every second x x

  26. […] If you missed it, you can still see the slideshow from when he first arrived by clicking HERE […]

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