So 2012… what a year!

We got to witness so many amazing events, from weddings to rock festivals. And lots in between.

We were voted UK Wedding Photographer Of The Year. We moved into a great new studio. We travelled to New York, Paris, Ireland, Ibiza and more. Our kids got bigger. And cheekier.

Putting together a post of some of my favourite images of the year has taken way longer than I expected. I started off with 328 images! I culled and culled but still had 200 that I wanted to post so I’m doing this in two parts. Hope that’s ok.

Hopefully these images sum up the kind of images I love making. You won’t like them all. I hope you like some. Many have never been posted before.

Thanks to Evelyne, our boys and all the people who trust me to make photos for them. I truly appreciate it.

Part 2 tomorrow….